Stone Carving

Saturday 3rd November

10am – 4pm

Price £60. Stone and tools provided.

Your tutor for this course is Nick Durnan who has over 35 years experience working on the conservation and repair of stonework on cathedrals, churches and historic buildings. The course is for all abilities and is suitable for complete beginners and those who have some experience carving. Students will be able to either carve Celtic interlace or Medieval leaf designs in local limestone using traditional tools. There will also be the opportunity to work in local Somerset alabaster and produce a small sculpture or pendant which can be polished. All stone and tools are provided and the students can take their finished piece of work away with them at the end of the course.

Nicholas Durnan creates polished translucent alabaster sculpture inspired by the beauty of mathematics and geometry. Themes based on the golden section, the mobius strip, borromean rings, torus and trefoil knot are expressed through his work. Alabaster is a tactile material which invites the viewer to touch and follow the forms.
Nick trained at the City and Guilds of London Art School and has worked with stone for over 40 years. His preferred medium is Alabaster which he collects locally in Somerset, or sources from South Wales and Italy. Nick is also a stone conservation consultant and lecturer and has been involved with major repair and conservation projects at Wells, Exeter and Salisbury Cathedrals. He regularly runs limestone and alabaster carving courses.